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Introducing: Kaun Tujhe (Sad Version)


I'm back with a new song!

As you may know, I love Bollywood music, and I also love to sing and write songs. So I decided to combine these things and come up with my own version of a song I really love!

So, here's introducing Kaun Tujhe (Sad Version), my version of the popular song Kaun Tujhe from the film M.S. Dhoni.

It's already my new favourite, and I'm sure it'll become yours too!

Thank you to my family (especially my mom❤) and my friends, for their constant support and encouragement! Truly not possible without them.

I'd also like to thank the team @ for putting this together with me! Their work is great, check them out!

Thank You,



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1 comentario

Aarti Arora
28 oct 2021

Awesome !!😍💝

Me gusta
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