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Music in Simple Things

Is music only found in a song track, an album, or an instrument?

Many of us may listen to music quite often, either through our phones, TV., or even the radio. But do we ever notice, or listen to, the music that can be found beyond our headphones? As interesting as it sounds, music can indeed be found in various simple things around us. Any sort of sound can be perceived as harmonious, and there are plenty of instruments that can be heard in pure, uncomplicated objects, several of which are found in nature.

Here are a just a few examples, to help you recognize the natural orchestra beyond your playlist!

1. The Chirping of Birds

Image Via ToneDeaf

From the call of a Finch to the beat of a Woodpecker tapping on a tree; this is probably the most common sound that comes to mind when discussing about music in simple things. Not only are these sounds, pleasing to the ear, they in fact aid us in quite a few ways.

According to Jabra.Com, “soothing sounds [such as bird songs] lifts our mood, calms our nerves and alleviates the perception of pain.” The type of response our brain gives to such sounds has a more positive impact on our body and mind as compared to noises such as an alarm ringing or other unpleasant sonances. This is also a reason why many people like to sit outdoors and do various things, (such as doing work, exercising, or simply reading), as the chirping of birds helps them focus and complete their task more efficiently.

2. The Sound of Water

Image Via Rashbre Central

Another common favourable sonance, is that of water. Many would agree that the sound of rain hitting the ground, waves on the beach, and waterfalls bubbling over rocks, is uniquely very emotive and peaceful to listen to; and is also helpful in calming the mind, and freeing us of negative emotions. Genuinely, the various sounds of water are regarded as invulnerable and can actually help trigger memories and feelings of nostalgia. In reference to MainLineToday, “The simple and repetitive sound of water allows us to rest our overstimulated brains.” The instrument Rainstick is inspired by this concept, and helps to create the magic of water/rain anywhere, anytime.

There could be various more sounds added to such a list, but the core concept of it remains the same: Music in Simple Things. Melody can be found generally anywhere; one just needs to observe and appreciate the different sounds of nature.


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Urvashi R
Urvashi R
Nov 23, 2020

That’s so true


Aarti Arora
Nov 20, 2020

That's wonderful :)

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