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My Top-3 Independence Day Songs

Updated: Nov 21, 2020

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15th August. Indian Independence Day. A very special day for Indians all around the world, in which they extensively showcase their love for their country. Much of which is often done through listening to, and celebrating patriotic songs. There are many popular tracks that ignite and electrify the spirit of patriotism; some that may make listeners get teary eyed, whereas others that get people dancing on the beat. With Indian Independence Day coming, here are my Top-3 must-have patriotic songs to listen and revere.

1. Maa Tujhe Salaam – A.R. Rahman

Number 1 on my list is undoubtedly the evergreen track by A.R. Rahman called Maa Tujhe Salaam – Vande Mataram. With the heartfelt lyrics penned by Mehboob Kotwal, and music by A.R. Rahman himself, this track is surely to make one emotional, and kindle their inner patriot. According to, “Maa Tujhe Salaam holds two Guinness World Records for being the most performed song in the most number of languages.” That being said, this track is a must for your Independence Day playlist!

2. Ae Watan – Raazi

A simple melody, meaningful lyrics, this track is beautiful and gentle. More alike a prayer, it conveys a message to the country “Ae Watan…abaad rahe tu…” (translation: my country… may you continue to be prosperous). With two versions of the song; male version by Arijit Singh, and female by Sunidhi Chauhan, both singers deliver the meaning of the track with exceptional affection and pride. Written by the Honoured lyricist Gulzar, and music composed by Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy, this track surely delivers a great message along with a great harmony.

3. Des Rangila – Fanaa

Des Rangila; a track that perfectly represents India. Just by listening to this special song, one can get an entire insight into India and its rich culture. Sung in Mahalaxmi Iyer’s sweet voice, this song can immensely magnify feelings of patriotism and country-love within an individual. The lyrics, written by Prasoon Joshi, simplify and explain what India is, in just a few minutes. The vocalizations throughout the song, and the graceful dance performed to it, adds to the charm of the track.

Though there can be many more songs added to such a list, these are a few of my personal favourites. With a mixture of happiness, nostalgia and patriotism, these songs are great to celebrate and praise our country!

Happy Independence Day


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Muskaan Arora
Muskaan Arora
Jan 02, 2021

Makes complete sense.... everyone feels differently towards such a topic... haven’t heard that song yet but will surely do!


Karun Preet Kaur
Karun Preet Kaur
Jan 02, 2021

Not trying to go off track here but, coming from a region that was most hit by partition one is still filled with a bit of remorse. The following song ‘ ab kyaa bataaun mein tere milne se kyaa milaa, irfan e gam huaa mujhe dil ka pataa milaa’ is a song that still resonates with me. First heard it in the movie Manto, a movie I still need to muster some courage to watch.

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