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Poetry: Festive Time

Updated: Nov 21, 2020

Image By: Deposit Photos

The light of diyas shining bright,

brighten the darkness of the divine night

Faces smiling in glee,

come and celebrate with family

Homes are cleaned, new goods are bought,

every ornament is given a good thought

With rangolis and flowers, Temples are decorated,

all year round, this festival is most awaited

On this day, the finest clothes are worn,

henna is applied and jewelry is adorned

Deities are worshipped, many rituals are done,

offerings are made to God and given to everyone

A feast is made, sweets are eaten,

good wishes are expressed and gifts are given

Minds are refreshed, all thoughts are made clean,

the victory of good over evil, is what Diwali means

Happy Diwali !


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Nov 14, 2020

Happy diwali 🪔


Muskaan Arora
Muskaan Arora
Nov 14, 2020

Thank you😊 Happy Diwali !!


Aarti Arora
Nov 14, 2020

Beautiful poem :) Happy Diwali !!

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