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Song Review: Chhor Denge

Image Via: Hd Friday Records

When good music, interesting storyline and amazing playback is combined, great things can happen. One of which is the latest track Chhor Denge from T-Series. The song has a very unique theme and perfect playback to go with it. Recently released, the song has already crossed 25 million views, and has become a favourite for many listeners.

Starting off with playback, Parampara Tandon has really outdone herself this time. The feeling and emotion she added to this song is commendable. Her voice perfectly fits into the music, nicely composed by Sachet-Parampara.

Moving onto screenplay, dancing queen Nora Fatehi is seen in a completely different avatar, including her dance form, and expressions; in which she is doing amazing. The choreography and her expressions are certainly well performed. Clearly it can be said that Nora is a very versatile dancer and can excel in many dance forms. The story of the song runs along between the dance, and is just as interesting as the music, a great performance by all.

Not to mention that the lyrics are the life of this track. They’re unique, powerful and performed very well. Great job by Yogesh Dubey, the lyrics fit in completely with the video and theme. The chorus phrase Jis din aadat banenge, ussi din hi chhor denge” is intense and revengeful.

Chhor Denge is a commendable track and definitely praiseworthy. it sets a whole different mood, and is certainly the new song to be added to your playlists. Great work!

Rating: ☆☆☆☆

Listen to the full song here


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Aarti Arora
Feb 15, 2021

good one !!


Feb 13, 2021

great review!!

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