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Song Review: Kandhe Ka Woh Til

Updated: Nov 21, 2020

Image By LyricsBull

T-Series is back, with yet another mesmerizing track. Kandhe Ka Woh Til is the latest released single, starring Zaara Yesmin and Salman Yusuff Khan. Full of passion and sentiment, this song will surely become a favourite in no time.

The track represents an unfortunate love story presented between sweet memories and good times. Surrounded by a romantic, sweet and sorrowful vibe, this song is composed by Manan Bhardwaj and is in the melodious voice of Sachet Tandon. Recollecting old memories, and reminiscing is the theme of the song and is beautifully expressed.

The lyrics are penned by Kumaar, and are euphonic. Phrases such as “Main Jab Bhi Milta Na Tujhe Dard Hota Tha Mujhe” (translation: When I wasn’t able to meet you, it hurt.) and “Pura Na Huwa Mera Khwab” (translation: My dream of being with you could never be true); purely touch the heart and are beautiful to listen to.

The song is accompanied by a great screenplay. Directed by The Real Emotions, the video features Zaara Yesmin and Salman Yusuff Khan flawlessly grooving to an expressive dance – which is choreographed by Saurabh Prajapati – and really showcasing their great onscreen chemistry. One of the very interesting parts of the song is its Vfx. Very creatively done by Rajnish Mishra, the element adds originality to the track and enhances the entire piece.

Overall, Kandhe Ka Woh Til is unique, and certainly is pleasing to both the eyes and ears. The splendid choreography, music, lyrics and screenplay all compliment each other and make the track truly outstanding.

Rating: ☆☆☆☆

Listen to the full song here


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Jan 19, 2023

नमस्ते मैं साक्षी, मुझे आपका आर्टिकल अछा लगा |

मुझे भी हिन्दी/भोजपुरी में लिखने का बहुत शौक है । मैं लिख सकती हूं क्या?

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