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Song Review: Musafir

Image Via SoundCloud

I recently discovered this musical gem. It may be a couple of years old but I feel that it is definitely worth adding to playlists. Musafir from Sweetiee Weds NRI is truly an amazing track, and easily worth being a favourite.

The track is very soothing. It starts off with a beautiful tune, and is very pleasing to listen to. Beautifully composed by Palash Muchhal, Musafir is perfectly expressed to the audience as it has the emotion and feel that one would expect from a slow track. Musafir is also recreated as a Reprise, and Remix version, both slightly different but nice to listen to.

Moving on to the playback, the song is sung by Atif Aslam and Palak Muchhal. Atif Aslam, as usual, brings his extremely soulful and melodic voice to the song and gives it a very refreshing feel. From his starting vocals, to the verse and chorus are simply amazing. The song is a duet though, and we hear Palak Muchhal sing the last verse very sweetly; however, I feel that if the song were to be a solo it would still be wonderful.

I personally really like the lyrics of the track. They are superbly written by Palak Muchhal, and are very expressive. Lines such as “koi tujhko na mujhse churale” which is repeated a couple of times in the chorus, is very soft and melodic (very beautifully sang by Atif Aslam). The lyrics are the same for the other versions of the song, but performed by various other artists.

Overall, I feel that this song is very sweet and simple. I like how it is written and sang, and the music is composed, it all combines to make a great track. Musafir is definitely worth listening to, and is sure to become a favourite in no time!

Rating: ☆☆☆☆

Listen to the full song here


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