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Song Review: Phir Chala

When a strong feeling is combined with a rhythm and a beat, beautiful things can be created. One of which is the track Phir Chala from the recent release, Ginny Weds Sunny. The music and lyrics of the track are simply commendable and easily make this song a favourite.

First and foremost, the song starts off with a beautiful rhythm, and sets a certain mood. Payal Dev has done an amazing job with the music. The song is very melodious and pleasing to listen to. Adding on, Jubin Nautiyal is back as usual with his soulful voice. His voice clearly expresses the pain intended in the song and beautifully presents it to the audience.

Another thing I personally liked about this song are its lyrics. Penned down by Kunaal Vermaa, these lyrics have the power to connect with their listeners. Phrases such as “Bechare Dil Ko To Poochho Koyi, Iski Khushi Isko Kya Chahiye” (translation: Someone ask the poor heart, What would make you happy? What do you desire?) There are many such lines in the song that reflect the storyline of the film and connect deeply with the audience.

The screenplay of the song, runs along with the track, displaying the separation and pain of characters Ginny and Sunny (portrayed by Yami Gautam and Vikrant Massey respectively). The chemistry of the pair onscreen is surely praiseworthy, and they both greatly intensify the song.

Overall, Phir Chala is truly an amazing song. The screenplay combined with the lyrics and playback, make it an absolute favourite. Good work!

Rating: ☆☆☆☆

Listen to the full song here (hyperlink “here”: )


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Muskaan Arora
Muskaan Arora

Thanks ☺️


Aarti Arora

awesome write up :)

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