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Song Review: Tanhaai

Updated: Nov 21, 2020

Image Via: Ringtone Boy

Tanhaai; T-series latest single, is an energetic, uplifting, heartbreak track. Featuring Tulsi Kumar and Zain Imam, the song has already started trending and received positive views from the audience. Representing a story of love and pain, Tanhaai brings a unique twist to it and brings freshness to your playlist.

Starting off with the playback, The Sachet-Parampara duo have certainly made their mark in the music industry, providing great music to the audience and quickly rising. As expected, their music is perfectly on-point, and is greatly pleasing. Tulsi also introduces the audience to a new style of singing, and does a great job.

The lyrics of the track are beautifully written by Sayeed Quadri, and are comprised of vivid emotions. Though, I felt that the word ‘Tanhaai’ was used just a bit too much, overall, the lyrics have meaning and convey deep sentiments. Phrases like “Har Lamha Kal Tak Sath Mein Tha, Ab Milne Tak Nahi Aata Hai…” are very expressive and are melodious to listen to.

Moreover, I personally liked the theme of the track. Tanhaai delivers a great message to the audience; showing how one should not give up, but rather face their challenges and evolve from them, staying positive and faithful. This theme is being greatly loved by the audiences and the song is quickly making its way to the top charts.

Overall, Tanhaai is a great composition, and provides a fresh spin on the topic of heartbreak. The music, together with lyrics and playback is amazing and reflects the hard work of all the artists.

Rating: ☆☆☆☆

Listen to the full song here


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