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The Significance of Music in Cultures Worldwide

Updated: Nov 21, 2020

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Globally, music is one of the most adored art forms ever. Over the years, it has integrated itself as such, that it has become a significant element in society. Many cultures support, and utilize a different form of harmony in their daily life; whether it be for religious ceremonies, cultural events or pure entertainment. Music is a common topic for many beings worldwide.

Beyond just a rhythm, music has power and significance. It plays an essential role in various cultures, and here are just a few reasons why:

1. Music is expressive

Without using any words, music has the power to speak a million. In most places, music is used as a playback in shows, movies, plays etc. Most of the time, people can interpret and feel a specific emotion when listening to a kind of music; and this can vary from culture to culture.

2. Music is a form of communication

Beyond any words, music can communicate – that too very strongly. It isn’t uncommon to see young children being recited a lullaby, a religious hymn, or a folk song. In reality, this becomes a form of communication between the child and the caretakers. Various emotions can be expressed and conveyed through a song, without the barriers of language.

3. Music helps celebrate

Eternally, music is always an element that is used during festivals, birthdays, and other numerous celebrations; the concept of melody has been immersed to that of celebrating. This is mainly because our sentiments are expressed through the rhythm and lyrics of a song. Additionally, what’s a celebration without dance? Dance, is another art form candidly related to music, which aids us in expressing our feelings, be it excitement, sadness, or joy.

4. Music connects people from all cultures

Music holds the power to unify people from all communities. It brings people closer to each other and helps overlook the boundaries that rather keeps people apart. According to Greater Good Magazine, “the rhythm in music [] helps us to synch up our brains and coordinate our body movements with others.” This promotes inclusion in people from all around the world, and creates a greater positive environment.

A good tune, most often accompanied by lyrics can go a long way. More than just an artistic medium, music holds power and importance in societies globally. Being such a vast topic, this was my small attempt to convey the influence that music holds.


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