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Why Music is the Best Therapist

Updated: Dec 12, 2020

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Habitually, many of us listen to music when we’re feeling a bit low or dispirited; and somehow, that one song, that one rhythm or even that one singer always seems to help uplift our mood. Have we ever wondered, why? Why does music always help? Today, lets figure out why music is our best therapist.

1. The Science Behind It

Biologically, listening to music helps lower cortisol –the body’s primary stress hormone– and increase levels of dopamine –the “feel-good” hormone. Not to mention, the brain is designed to pick up on patterns, and music is also in the form of a pattern. This enables it to activate many regions, to overall help create a balance in the mind. Our body also naturally picks up the beat and tune, thus we often may catch ourselves tapping our foot or clapping our hands to the beat. The brain likes to blend into the set rhythm and pulse, allowing us to feel better emotionally, physically and cognitively. (Source

2. It Helps Balance Your Mood

When we listen to music, we generally tend to listen to a song/rhythm that matches our current emotion. It can help us celebrate, and enjoy a happy moment; or it can give a sense of relief when we are anxious, a sense that we are not the only ones feeling this way. For example, if you’re ever upset and you listen to a sad song, do you feel yourself starting to become happier? The music helps stabilize your mood and provide you with a kind of therapeutic support, enabling you to relax, and your mood to improve.

3. It Can Help Motivate You

Naturally, we sometimes feel lazy. There can be many things on our To-Do Lists, but we don’t feel like completing any of the tasks. But, in the same scenario, if we put on our playlists, things generally get done faster. This is because the music instinctively acts as a motivator/a power source. Often, it helps us to get energetic and get our work done, while boosting our endurance.

It’s simply magical, how music and the different types of it can affect people in such different ways. Acting as a motivating factor and a natural mood stabilizer, music indeed, is one of the best therapists.


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